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I am a single mother of 1. I am a straight A student at a community college, my major is nursing. During the summer of this year, i was victimized in a domestic violence. As a result, I was left no choice but to drop my classes mid-semester and relocate to another state due...
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I’m 20 years old father of 2 kids. I Graduated high school in 2016 wen I️ had my first child. As a man and father i do whatever it takes to raise my kids. Sometims I️ catch the bus with my kids and I️ hate it. People bumping you, hopefully it’s nice person that get up for...
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My story... where to begin. It has been 6 years since my life has changed. In 2011 my health drastically changed. I am not dying, there are people far worse off than I am. However my life has changed beyond my control. I am no longer able to work to support myself...
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Hi I'm Bianca. I am a married mother of three beautiful children ages 9,5 and 2. One of my children, my 5 year old son alex was diagnosed with epilepsy and is being confirmed for a genetic disorder called hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy. It is a severe muscle...
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I had 7 knee surgeries about lost my leg above the knee do to sever infection MRSA doctors were able to save I am Nurse but have not worked for 2 1-2 years I did not walk for almost 2 years I want to go back to nursing but don’t have car and can’t walk to work or I would I...
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I'm broke and I need a way to get to work.
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I am a recently single mother of one 4 year old boy. I had recently left an abusive relationship and was left homeless with a car in very poor condition.i stay where I can with my son and thankfully my sister has helped with a place to at least sleep with my son. But she is...
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I just want my kid's to have the things i never had in life
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My name is Amy. I am 48 yrs. old. I am a survivor of a 20 year abusive relationship along with my 3 adult children(Michael, Emmett, and Allie). I managed to break free back in 2010. He is currently serving time in Wakulla County. Since then, Over the past 7 years I...
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I am a single mom. I was in an abusive marriage. My ex was abusive to the kids and I. He was removed from the home by child welfare. In the past two years, he has been in jail, prerelease center, and most recently, homeless shelter. Therefore, I have not received child...