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In 2001 I lost my dad very sudden,I took it pretty hard,for 2 years I tried lots of perscribed meds for panic, anxiety and sleep apnea,seemed like those never made it easier for me,went to a party on news years Eve and people were smoking meth,I tried it and it took all my...
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My story is I am a mom of one son who has many medical issues we go to the doctor 3 or more times a week and the hospital, pharmacy etc. still doesn't give the picture of all of his medical needs. I too am disabled suffering from depression and a chronic fatigue,...
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On February 9th 2016, I was taken to the hospital for a routine GI bleed. While in the emergency room I contracted pneumonia, causing me to cough up black phlegm. I later went into Atrial Fibulation. When I opened my eyes and realized I was still alive, I was told that I...
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Hi, my name is Jessica. I am currently a single mother who has a car but my car started to have problems recently. When the car started to have some problems, I had an independent mechanic to work on it and he pretty much destroyed my vehicle. He fixed one thing but left...
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I am a single father raising my 9yr old daughter who has down syndrome. She was born with esophageal atresia and hole in her heart which has closed for now. We had a car until the transmission went out twice in 8 months. We have doctors appointments to attend frequently....
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Single mother of two children one with ongoing health issues in need of help.
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4 years ago, my mother bought me a car in exchange for me making the payments. I paid off the car last year in December. My mother kept the title in her name. Once she found out I paid off the car, she took the car back and sold it leaving me car-less when I have two...
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I am a single mother of a 12 year old boy, we were impacted by Harvey, but we did not lose a lot of our belongings like others in Houston. i was in a very long term relationship at the time when all of the storm was going on. And it wasn't a good one. I called it off...
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I am a married Father of 4. I work full time and I walk and take two busses to work everyday. While I am ok taking a bus, it is becoming more harder as winter time is soon approaching. I have been without a car these past couple winters and it can be really hard. Standing...
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Hello.My name is Kary and I am recently divorced father of 3. I live in Georgia and I lost my job because I had to surrender my car as I could no longer afford the payment. Poor public transportation is Georgia is preventing me from finding a good paying job. My other issue...