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Joined on 01/23/18 2:05PM
I ran away from my abusive family and left the city life to give my kids a peaceful country life. what I didn't know was that here in the country everything is so far away and I'm unable to keep a job from lack of transportation. I've been struggling really...
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Hi I am a single parent of 5. I recently received my license and is in need of any type of vehicle. As of 01/26/18, I will be starting my new job and in need of transportation. As a single parent of 5, it is very difficult to get to daycare, work, Dr.appointments and...
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Joined on 01/23/18 1:21PM
Hello everyone I am here trying to receive a vehicle. I have two small children who are 4 and 2 years old. I health issues which makes it harder for me to travel by bus. I have sever asthma, blood clots, psuedo cribi tumors and a herniated disk. I am constantly in and out...
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I am on disability and working part time. I can't work full time because of my disability. My car that I have now is falling apart and I don't have the resources to repair it anymore. I barely have enough to make ends meet.
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I'am a wife and mother of 2 ages 7, a girl, and 3, a boy. I live in Owasso, OK. I really need a car so that I could get a job or proper training for a career so I can provide for my family. Times are very tough for everyone and I do undersand that. In 2011 I lost my...
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Hello I'm Cindy single mother of 1 child. On September 16th 2017 my only sister passed away and I received custody of her 5 kids. Their ages range from 21 to 15 years old but my oldest nephew who is 21 has autism and next to him my oldest niece who is 20 is bipolar...
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I am a single mom of three girls 16,9 & 5 I am currently going through a nasty divorce I'm a victim of the domestic violence which two of my front teeth knocked out during this divorce I've had my girls taken away from me for 72 days that my ex-husband has put...
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Sickle Cell Coma Survivor struggling to keep a freelance business above water. Turned on by those I've helped only because I can not go and support them due to lack of transportation. In the past 3 years my business has dwindled from executing sold out events to being...
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Was homeless in NJ with my two kids where the state refused to help because my babies dad who abandon us made too much money. And even after providing the proof they still refused to help. I moved to Florida and recently been offered a job. I need need need a reliable...
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I was working at Manhattan Beach Unified School District,which I have worked for 7 years. I took a Leave of Absence to come up to Tehachpai from Torrance to help out my Aunt, who has cancer. I had a car but it died, the head gasket blew and it was not worth getting fixed....