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Joined on 11/19/17 1:15PM
I am raising my 11 year old autitistic grandson who has doctor and therapist every week and my husband has therapist every week,plus I have doctors appointments to have surgery done to repair the hole that is in my bladder.
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Okay my story,starts about 4 rears ago I got sick with my heart and that's the beginning in how I almost lost everything.
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I am a single mother trying to do better for my kids and myself.
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I lost my car 2 weeks ago and now i need a car for my job and for 5 kids
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I am a single mom of three kids.. 13, 12, and 10. I have custody of one and pay child support the other two to my father for the moment. Between working on the back of a trash truck, paying child support and bills I can't afford the down payment for a vechile nor do I...
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Hi my name is Marie and I am 22 and it's been a very very hard struggle for me for a long time even though I'm young people think that I should have my life together but not really my whole life has been very stressful and I've had people ruin my credit...
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My daughter and i lost everything. I am fighting for disability due to my mental status. We are living with a friend of mine and i have no way to go to any doctora or anything else. I need to go back to a surgeon and i have no way to get anywhere. My stomach is messed up...
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Hello, my name is Mallory. I'm 26 years old. I recently just got out of an abusive relationship, and I'm currently going through a, rather chaotic, divorce, as my husband was just sent to prison. This has definitely been one of the hardest things to happen in my...
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Hi there, When I was 15 I started having really bad stomach pains and shortly after I started throwing up daily. For years I went to every major hospital in WA, lots of specialists and holistic folk. No one could figure out why I am in pain and throw up. I couldn't go...
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Hello my name is Jamar- The peaceful one. I am almost homeless.In the last 7 years I have been training like crazy trying to heal from stage 2 cancer.I just got a partime job as a pharmecy tech. I need help with trying rise above poverty and trying to aquire a way to a to...