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Single mom trying to get an education

Last Online on 09/14/17 12:10AM

Current Status: I feel like I am sinking into a great postpartum depression that I do not understand, my daughter is almost 6 month??

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Single mom trying to get an education

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I'm a 20 year old single mom, stuck at a fast food job getting paid 10.50 trying to make ends meet alone with my 5 month old daughter. Her father who gave me around $59 bucks every two weeks or so when she was born has no longer helped and while I've wanted badly to go back to school I have no ride to and from work or school. I rely on my mother to watch my daughter during work and I need a means of transporting her safely other than a bus or train. I'm trying to save up but with all the baby expenses I hardly have any left to buy myself a meal for work. Read More

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